POS management


Retail is constantly evolving at a rapid pace, and with it the demands and competition in the market are changing as well. It is therefore all the more important that the place where a purchase is made (the POS) is attractively designed and has a recognition value for customers. We bundle all aspects of POS marketing in our POS Management service area.



POS management increases sales


With our POS management service, we focus on the presentation of the goods at the POS and all the processes behind the management of this. The spectrum at the POS begins with the regular clearing of goods, the placement of price tags and advertising materials such as shelf stoppers or posters, leads to freshness control (BBD control) and residue/returns management and ends with the execution of the disposition. This is done on the basis of a precise analysis of the customer’s existing structures, the development of potential, the assignment of exact performance indicators and thus the creation of a customer-specific, needs-based merchandising concept. The right staging of your brand is the be-all and end-all. This is how occasional customers become regular customers who are willing to buy.

Our POS management services in detail:


  • merchandise
  • Placement Optimization
  • shelf management
  • Goods stocking according to FIFO (first in, first out)
  • BBD control
  • Order management and goods disposition
  • returns management
  • Decoration and conversion service
  • Exchange of advertising media
  • Superstructures and conversions
  • category management
  • Reporting in real time



Business Intelligence


Every industry and every sales channel requires different specifications, that is why we developed a concept for your reporting tailored to your needs. Our in-house developed POS-software is based on extensive data bases and works on every device since it is developed for both Android and iOS, Our clients can gain real-time insights with their very own dashboards and configurations while tailored reporting highlights key data and can be used for quick and efficient strategy adjustments.



Placement optimization at the POS


With our merchandising staff, enforcing and optimizing placement at the POS becomes child’s play. Our merchandisers are familiar with all sales channels such as food retail, GAM or specialist trade and have the necessary social skills to implement the specifications you have made with market or department managers.



Shelf management at the POS


Shelf service and shelf optimization don’t have to be given great importance in times of online shops? Not even close. It is precisely at the POS that it is decided which product the customer will access. Shelf layout, product quantity, shelf height, product abundance, category sequence, and shelf space are just a few variables to consider. With our shelf service, you can always be sure, no matter when, no matter where: your product will be presented perfectly. Whether shelf staff, service staff or merchandisers – our staff at RL IMPORT is at home in retail and at the POS and has been trained in detail beforehand.



Stocking of goods according to FIFO at the POS


Your goods should be where consumers are looking for: on the shelf. Of course, it has to be flushed beforehand, primarily to FIFO. You can achieve high service quality with our field force, which goes to the stores for you every day and brings your brand, your product to the fore there.



BBD control


A valid best-before date should be a matter of course. Unfortunately, however, there are always cases in which either the shelf staff, service staff or field staff were negligent in the BBD check and expired goods are already on the shelves. Do you want the best service, the best employees and the best reputation in retail? Then you should contact us, because we take care of all the details at the POS, including the BBD control for your products in retail.



Order management and goods disposition


The success of your products at the POS can be planned – but the implementation of the plans must be equally given. Merchandisers implement the order management that is so important for this. Ordering the goods, sometimes in combination with enforcing a listing, is routinely carried out for you by our employees.



Returns management


Large returns occur at regular intervals, especially in retail. The returns processing and returns preparation should be routinely organized and carried out. With personnel support from RL IMPORT, the return does not become a return carriage – on the contrary!


Exchange of advertising media at the POS


Decoration service at the POS is our speciality! We employ hundreds of decorators who exchange advertising media all over United Kingdom and thus implement new campaigns, as well as always keep advertising elements up-to-date. Get in touch with us and experience how we implement your specifications in our decoration tours perfectly and without any problems! To support this, we produce decorative guides in which the replacement of trestle stand posters, acrylic displays, wall mountings, folders, tension displays, flipcharts, stand displays, brochure stands, product signs or other forms of advertising elements with instructions, photographs and graphics is described in detail. With our comprehensive pool of personnel, perfectly organized project teams and decades of experience, we can stage your campaign at the POS the way you imagined it.



Structures and conversions at the POS


In-store placements boost seasonal sales and sales can be increased for special campaigns or occasions. Often, however, the national conversion in just a few days represents a tremendous feat that has to be mastered with a large amount of personnel. We at RL IMPORT can quickly and easily implement in-store conversions and structures throughout United Kingdom. Decorators and trained merchandisers are put together by us to form conversion teams that carry out new installations, exchange advertising media, change the shelf layout, exchange old goods, label goods, implement planograms and set up shelf mirrors – whatever is required!



Category management


Based on market research analyses, the aim is to implement a new shelf layout for specific segments. Products are assigned to specific product groups that are connected from the consumer’s point of view. The costs that flowed into the market research and planning of category management should of course also bear fruit in practice. According to your specifications, our specialists carry out the implementation of category management in relation to facings, shelf meters, product arrangement, etc. at the POS. If there is little space, special category management software is used, with which we can map how the concept was implemented. For your order, our employees can not only enforce category management, but also check listed products, carry out labeling or exchange old goods.



Reporting in real time


For more transparency and the fastest reporting, we have developed our online reporting platform RL IMPORT. Our in-house IT department, system manufaktur, sets up an individual database tailored to the campaign and customer, in which all the details are summarized into a decorative tour. Exact data on the locations, scheduling, advertising material, logistics details, photo pool and flight reporting from each location can be viewed there. Absolute control is thus possible through real-time insight. Do you also want the best placement service at the POS on the market? Then get in touch with us and find out how sales promotion contributes to your success.


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