Sales Promotion


Person-supported sales promotions not only promote sales, they also increase brand awareness and build a bond between consumer and brand. In order to achieve these goals, you need motivated staff and a reliable, experienced partner with an eye for detail. Successful sales promotions for brand activation come in a wide variety of forms: tastings, samplings, advisory campaigns, street and guerrilla promotions, trade fair staff or trained specialists. What they all have in common, however, is that the sales promotion staff must be carefully selected and trained, and that such POS marketing campaigns require a great deal of organizational and administrative effort.


Our sales promotion services at the point of sale


With the right brand ambassadors, you can reach new and loyal customers alike – if the sales promotion campaign is carried out correctly. That is why we are happy to assist you as a professional partner and sales promotion agency: whether as support or as a complete outsourcing project.


Tastings, sampling, gastro actions and advice


The proof of the pudding is in the eating – this is how most consumers behave, especially when the sample is free. Anyone who gets to know a new product for the first time and has found it to be good does not change their opinion so quickly and may even recommend it to others. In addition, most consumers choose a product that they already know or have tried. Since the selection in many supermarkets is very large these days, many people like to use the products they are already familiar with. That’s why sampling and tasting at the POS are a valuable sales promotion strategy to get customers excited about your product. Together with our staff, from tasting staff to chefs to promoters – we take over the entire execution of your sales promotion for you.

Exhibition staff and exhibition hostesses


Professional trade fair staff are about more than their outward appearance – open-mindedness, empathy and, above all, a sound understanding of the brand are decisive for the success of your representation at trade fairs. After all, trade fair hostesses and staff are usually the first contacts that prospects make about your brand. Together with you, we define the ideal type for your trade fair appearance and draw on our extensive pool of personnel to select your perfect brand ambassador in the shortest possible time. All information is stored in our PromoterWeb, be it language skills, industry and product experience, assessments and clothing sizes – we don’t waste any time, but instead make targeted use of our databases.

event promotion


There is a relaxed, relaxed atmosphere at popular events such as festivals or street fairs in summer or Christmas markets and Advent celebrations around the Christmas season. The visitors are in a good mood and want to try something new – be it visual, auditory or culinary. This environment can be used particularly well to present new products. With the right marketing, a large number of new customers can be reached and a first positive experience with the product can be generated. Successful marketing arouses emotions. And event promotions offer the unique opportunity to become part of an unforgettable memory of your customers. We use professionally trained event promoters for you and take over the entire administrative and organizational handling of the campaign for you.

Personnel selection and personnel management


The sales promotion staff embodies your brand at the point of sale – that’s why we select your promotion staff carefully. In a strict selection process, we put the candidates through their paces and learn about their personality, flexibility and behavior in stressful situations in the (online) assessment center. Thanks to our extensive personnel pool, including the specially developed PromoterWeb, we can quickly and flexibly access proven sales promotion personnel at any time. Thus, jumpers are found quickly, industry and product experiences are checked and assignments are offered. Of course, we also take over the deployment and tour planning with online project databases and apps specially tailored to our customers, in order to adapt plans at any time in a time- and cost-efficient manner and to absorb bottlenecks. It goes without saying that we also take on personnel management in this process. Billing takes place online via our billing portal, we bill – uncomplicated, fast and above all: secure.

Training and courses


Trained promotion staff is the be-all and end-all. That is why we offer a large number of information conferences, sales training courses and courses for your sales promotion staff at the POS. Matching the profile, matching the employment relationship, always perfectly tailored to customer requirements. Be it kick-off events, trade fair training or teaching sales techniques such as RL IMPOT®. We adapt the training to your requirements, provide you with comprehensive advice and support you in the short and long term.

Cross- and upselling as a sales promotion


Unused potential is commonplace at the POS. That’s why we focus our sales training on cross- and upselling in sales promotion. With techniques like RL IMPORT®, we give your staff the knowledge and tools to offer consumers a successful customer experience.

Data collection and analysis in sales promotions


After that is always before: How successful was the sales promotion campaign? Using the uncomplicated and detailed data collection, the RL LIMITED creates a tailor-made report for you. When and where was the sale most successful? How many working and lost days were there during the campaign? How much was tasted, how many contacts were there? We leave nothing to chance and use every opportunity to optimize your sales activities. Of course, you can also view the data in real time during the campaign and work with us to make the campaign even more efficient and successful.

Successful sales promotion campaigns with RL IMPORT


This is where the strength of RL IMPORT lies: We have been specializing in personnel services at the point of sale for over 19 years. We act for all industries, in all sales channels, 365 days a year. Because we know what is important for successful marketing: the customer experience. Managing Director Andrew Nicholas Bonnett knows: “It has to be a human touch – on all levels.” Thanks to our extensive pool of personnel, we are able to find trained personnel who are exactly right for your campaign within a very short time. As a promotion agency, we coordinate several thousand promoters, freelancers, trade fair hostesses, tasting staff and sales consultants and equip them with the necessary equipment.

We take care of the details of your sales promotion – you see the success


An eye for detail counts: It’s not just about POS material such as advertising material and displays, but also about the organizational aspects and sufficient product availability. We are responsible for personnel deployment planning and control, area and route planning, equip the staff with campaign clothing, tools and documentation material and, if desired, also take over communication with stores and field service teams.

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